Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chopping a Honda GL1000 Goldwing #40

I am back at work in the garage, now I have to see if I can stay at it for a while.
I am still not back 100% but I think I need to doing something, even if it's wrong.

During my absence from the garage I got to see a great movie that I would like to recommend to anyone who gets a little depressed about getting old, or anyone who rides a bike.

It's called "worlds fastest Indian" and it is about Burt Munro who back in the 1960's at age 67 went from his home in New Zealand to the USA salt flats to try to set a record on his 1920 Indian Motorcycle.

I worked today on some of the small boring things that needed to get done on the frame.

I cut, drilled and welded the mounts for the rear of the seat, and cut off the front seat mount and moved it up a little from where I had originally mounted it.

I made two different battery hold downs to go on the box because the first one hit the fender.

I am just hoping I have not made the seat too high, I really want to be able to touch flat footed on this bike when it is done. I may have to lower the height of the seat springs to get it down a little.

I still have a lot of grinding to do on this frame an also the touch-up welding.

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